Purple Tree Café

Executive Summary

Purple Tree Café - Where Community Means Everyone!

Purple Tree Café will be a ground-breaking non-profit coffee house in Davis, California, with an innovative dual mission: to provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities, and create an inclusive and socially accessible environment for the entire community through art, music, and coffee. As a first step toward that goal, we are employing people with disabilities to operate a coffee cart in and around Davis.

Problem & Solution

People with disabilities face disproportionate and persistent barriers to working and living as fully included members of their communities. People with disabilities have a lot to offer, and when they are isolated from their communities, everyone loses out. Purple Tree Café will provide competitive integrated employment for people with disabilities, in a fun, welcoming environment that appeals to the diverse community of Davis, California. The café will also provide people with and without disabilities a place to have a great cup of coffee or snack, hear local bands, and get creative in our supervised art space. This will create a socially accessible environment that will foster inclusion of people of all abilities.

Who We Are

Our House Café, dba Purple Tree Café, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Davis, California.  Executive Director Pamela Cohen is a disability rights attorney and Davis resident. Our enthusiastic team includes: Davis locals; attorneys, including those who work with people with disabilities; service providers with supported employment experience; a finance professional; and a coffee expert with experience operating a café. Our community partners include Progressive Employment Concepts, Davis Community Church, Studio 700, and Team Davis.

Go to Market

Before opening a brick and mortar café, we will sell Purple Tree coffee in the Davis area to build name recognition and begin employing people with disabilities, but will depend on donations and grants for our start-up costs. We need your donation to begin our retail coffee sales, and then to open the doors of the brick and mortar café.

Please join us, and help bring the Purple Tree to life!


Purple Tree Cafe gratefully acknowledges financial support of the
Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation!